Sponge bob at Safaricom Open Day/SAMSUNG STAND

Sponge bob at Safaricom Open Day/SAMSUNG STAND

For 3 days during the Safaricom Open Day this past weekend sponge bob was at the SAMSUNG stand doing what mascots do best entertain.

safaricom open day-samsung 018The Samsung stand expertly converted into a lounge complete with giant T.V screens gave anyone that home feeling. Different from other stands where standing was the only option at Samsung you could sit back & try out the amazing gadgets for sale.

Enter sponge bob who brought much comical life to the event. High fives ,posing for pics with the ladies ,chasing kids around the expo hall to joining the FBI crew in dancing & even doing a sommersault. Sponge bob outdid himself and had fun doing it.

This is what mascots are meant to do at any  promotional events indoors or outdoors. Instill a sense of fun in the social scene ,lighten the mood for the patron because life is never that serious!!! Not to mention the no. of selfies with him that went viral as a result.

Mascots are a great publicity tool for any event.

safaricom open day-samsung 021

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