Mbooni Development Group Charity Event

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Hello Kitty goes on charity mission to disburse sanitary towels to school girls.

2009-09-02 22.38.03Our Hello Kitty joined the Mbooni Development group to provide some fun & cheer during there charity mission to keep young girls in school especially during their monthly menses.

This noble cause by the members of MDF aimed to disburse enough sanitary towels and underpants to the girls in the rural area where mostly girls tend to miss school 4-7 days a month owing to the lack of money to purchase much needed basics during this time of their womanhood.

Sadly this affects their studies and they tend not to perform well only adding to dogma that girls cannot be as good if better than their male counterparts in academic matters.

Having none of this,the MDF rallied together to provide a solution where each girl in the county of Mbooni would get a good enough supply of sanitary towels to enable her stay in school and get as much as she can from the education provided as well as enjoy her womanhood. 2009-09-03 00.09.59


The group toured more than 10 schools with the ladies in the group (hello kitty) included remaining in class to educate the girls on how to wear the towels and other vital information. The boys played football with the gentlemen of the group.


This was a great initiative by the group devoid of political  meddling.This goes to show  a little can go along way.

Good work MDF,thank you for having us,proud to be associated.

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