KFC chicky mascots for Kenya,Ugandan,Tanzania franchises

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Chicky mascot army for KFC region franchises

Chicky mascot hatched in 2013 for the Kuku Foods ltd KFC franchise in Kenya. he can be observed in their various branches attending birthdays or themed events.

Add 2 more chickys for the KFC ugandan branch in 2014 and you have an ever growing army of “chickys” representing the KFC brand in East Africa.

Another 4 more chickys for the Tanzanian franchise to bring the total army of chickys in the region to an impressive 6….easily spotted at their branches representing the brand.

Fun delightable mascots!

back chicky Chicky Logo_NEW chicky mascotside chicky523509_584297921611780_1680789922_n1238722_584985351543037_445348959_nfront chicken  (1)side chicken  (1)