Mombasa int. cultural festival 2014

Mombasa int. cultural festival 2014

Mascots from Birdie Mascots & Costumes Ltd. proudly represented at the just concluded Mombasa International Cultural Festival ; a highly successful & well organized event by the County Government of Mombasa.


Our mascots were present from the first day,matching alongside other cultural dancers from the Uhuru gardens till fort Jesus making a mark in the coastal town.

Crowds could not resist the colourful popular mascots as everyone had to get their picture taken with their favorite character. They seemed to be rather popular with adults than with the kids who also had fun meeting face to face with their cartoon stars.

The mascots joined in most of activities such as story telling ,bike races ,swimming race (though not in the water) ,ushering people towards the main tents ,road show just to name a few activities.

Hello kitty & Minnie mouse being the ladies in the group took part in the traditional chakacha dances much to everyone’s joy.


The value of the mascot was well too obvious during the cultural show as a crowd puller ,entertainment for the whole family and creating memorable experiences that most captured on their cell phones & cameras probably shared to social media pages with family & friends.

It showed the thought put into the event as an all inclusive  family affair.


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