Mascots in promotional marketing

Mascots in promotional marketing

Mascots as a promotional tool

Mascots have long been used in the developed countries as a must have marketing & promotional tool. Rightly so they help build brand awareness and connect with the target audience on an emotional level.

cannot believe pepsi is this good!

cannot believe Pepsi is this good!


People love to meet mascots,take pictures with them,get high fives & hugs. This creates a memorable imprint on the consumer around the product,business or service that used a mascot.

Product retention is a powerful force in brand preference & a purchase motivator.



10688365_759140557460848_6785915164196211791_oFor smaller businesses a customized mascot may not necessarily be within budget but this can be creatively solved by hiring a mascot from a local supplier & having it don your corporate branded t-shirts,hats or other merchandise.

This makes all the difference in visibility and cost effective advertising. (Mascots hired locally with posters of sponsor)


The best businesses or products for using mascots as marketing tools are price competitive goods,products in the mature life cycle,goods targeting kids & mums ,educational type products and/or services, FMCG  just to name a few. By the no means is the list exhausted as mascots are very diverse and can be executed creatively to promote almost anything except death perhaps.

As it becomes challenging to introduce new products into the market,mascots prove that they help build brands by getting people excited about your product. E.g try launching a mascot for a new product before the product itself creates a buzz around it (product awareness & liking stages) and helps it move quickly through the conviction to action stages of purchase behaviour.


Mascots can also be used to help product promotional videos go viral faster.With the incorporation of a clever skit,some dancing or anything funny will guarantee that a video gets shared widely,increase traffic to social web pages such as face book ,twitter and others. (Patrons take & share pics with a mascot)

Mascots are fun & help lighten the experience of the consumer ,work place & around your business.

Book one today and “GET NOTICED”.


10435926_708376405870597_2593593362873988310_n (a customized mascot entertaining school kids)



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