Mascots In Charity

Mascots In Charity

Charity begins with a mascot

2009-09-03 00.09.59Mascots are a great way to bring much needed attention to any worthy cause.

Use of a mascot in charity is 2 fold  as it  not only helps to highlight the event but also entertains the beneficiaries and makes the mission memorable.

Best uses of our cute furry friends are hospital cheer missions ,visiting childrens homes ,making donations amongst others.


Having a mascot present goes further to lighten the mood & create a high level of excitement in what would be a slow beginning. Think of them as the ultimate ice breaker…perhaps they should also be used during

couples2009-09-02 22.38.03 first dates.

Being their usual fun selves ,mascots go along way to boost the general spirit that is key behind any charity event.

Mbooni Development Group -charity mission to provide sanitary towels to all primary school girls in Mbooni with our hello kitty.


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