Mascots as Brand Ambassadors

Mascots as Brand Ambassadors


The Ultimate Brand Ambassadors


DSCN3226A brand ambassador according to wikipedia is a person employed bya a company to promote its products or services. The key being to strengthen customer-product/service relationships.


Who is better to promote a product/service/business than a cathcy ,colourful mascot that instantenously brings a smile to face and draws a consumer closer.

A mascot need not be customised to be a brand ambassador. By having a basic cartoon character look alike wear a mascot a company T-shirt or vinly stickers strategically placed front or back gives the brand mileage.

Who would not want their products/service/business being associated with fond memories of a fun experince and loads of pictures to share on InstaGram ,Face Book …


Best thing about having a mascot as brand amabassador is that they are devoid of scandal as is common with human celebrities and actaully dont compete with the image of the company making everything about brand not personality.


Try engaging your consumers by lightening the mood and creating a sense of fun around your brand. People are more loyal to that which they can connect with.





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