Mascot Facts

A mascot is a fictional character that appears on advertising , marketing ,promotional material. It’s a French word meaning anything that brings good fortune or a charm “mascotte” and the first mascots were initially intended for sports teams as a sort of good luck charm. With time marketers realized the value of these adorable creations as a way to increase brand value & presence.

Most famous kinds of corporate mascots are Michelin man , Energizer bunny ,Mickey mouse from Disney Land who has been around since 1928.

Costumes are a set of clothing items that are made for a particular time, occasion, event. Such as Halloween costumes , ceremonial costumes.

Mascots can either be made from plush material or can be air inflated. This will depend on the particular use of your mascot.

Why Use a Mascot

Mascots are fun but not just for fun!

  • They are catchy & entertaining ,they attract attention towards your business
  • They can be a symbol of your brand , product. Mascots can take on the likeness of logos , actual products.
  • They generate goodwill by building positive associations. Good for P.R & publicity campaigns
  • MASCOTS are the most grassroots form of advertising and can be where you cannot be such as field work.
  • Put the message across and jog the persons memory back to the product/event of the day
  • Mascots boost other forms of advertising

Most common uses of mascots are in sports events , amusement parks ,product launches ,product promotions, party events.

It is time to give your image/brand/business a “character”
More can be shared with a personal consultation.
Whatever the requirement we promise you that using a mascot is guaranteed to get you noticed!