Halloween in Kenya is BIG!

Halloween in Kenya is BIG!

halloween costumes 2014 031Halloween according to wikipedia is observed every 31st October as a dedication to remembering the dead saints,matyrs & departed souls. The focus is on using humour and ridicule to mock & confront the power of death.


In Kenya Halloween is mainly a preserve of the more affluent western influenced neighbourhoods and schooling systems. Costumes are mandatory during school activities that revolve around the holiday.

To other kenyans the 31st october is just another normal working day with the expaectation of the monthly paycheck.


However recently work places have started adapting the halloween themes to bring some sort of fun into the work place. Staff are asked to dress up in their favourite costumes failure to which may earn them a fine in some organizations.


The more swanky eating establishments hae not been left out either. In a bid to attract patrons and provide a unique experience for their revelers marketers are embarking on using halloween as a selling tool.


Rewards are given to best dressed couples & individuals with everyone trying to be as creative as they possibly can. This has meant the increased demand in halloween costumes ,props and decorations to set the mood right.

Those who have realised this have managed to cash in on the growing popularity of the foreign holiday that has its own specific demographic. However to venture into the costumes business one must be full aware that is mainly a seasonal venture and requires the vast knowlegde of various characters as shown on t.v ,movies ,comics,cartoons.

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Yes Halloween is huge in Kenya and is set to be a profitable venture for those who understand it well enough.

We at Birdie Mascots & Costumes will strive to provide the best halloween experiences. We get better with each passing holiday. Check out pictures from some of our happy clients all the way in nanyuki,kisumu,mombasa on our Face Book page.

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