A flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in public to perform something unusual.

When used in marketing they get people interested & talking about the message as they are entertaining.

They are a form of guerrilla marketing for companies that to increase their visibility & generate a buzz.

Generally flash mobs are ideal for publicity & marketing campaigns for the following reasons

-They have great viral power. In a camera trigger happy society using a flash mob for your promotions is bound to get shared around making them a great boost for social media pages.
-They are ideal to help small businesses create brand awareness quickly both online & offline.
Flash mobs are relatively cheaper to organize than traditional mediums of marketing
-They help generate word of mouth about a product or brand…buzz is the word

One of our past jobs included a flash celebration mob during christmas at the Thika Road Mall (TRM) that composed of a strong 24 Santa Claus mob that helped entertain ,usher guests & ofcourse take photos that went viral making the mall the most creative amongst its rivals


Flash mobs are also ideal for non-profit social causes due to their cost effectiveness.

Want to create buzz ,use a flash mob

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