Express yourself this halloween

Express yourself this halloween
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bones & skeleton suits/glow in the dark

Halloween is once again upon us and the question world wide is who will i go as.

Here in Kenya the concept of dressing up as a favourite character of fancy is a novel one restricted to the upper class & middle class who are more exposed thanks to internet & media influences. They are catching on fast & willing to spend on this “alien” holiday.

Thing on everyone’s mind is where to get these costumes,what to go as and what are the limits?

Halloween has no limits but more so dressing up or getting creative in dress never has any limits.

I am even tempted to quote a famous person or rather to this regard “you are as limited as your horizon” and I shall shamelessly claim that one.

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woody cowboy & spiderman

Costumes help you reflect your inner desire & feelings without changing your outer appearance permanently. Feeling dominant be a solider, a police officer ,feeling dominated be a maid, a diaper wearing adult. Whatever the fancy costumes are simply to help you “Express your inner self” .

At Birdie Mascots & Costumes we are just drivers of that through provision of costumes for kids & adults. What we currently have are second hand costumes in various designs,characters guaranteed to get you noticed when you step out in your party,rave,school play.

We are working on a store dedicated to costumes & cosplays all year round ,because we get you like that.

Feel free to contact us for what is available.

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