Entertaining For Malls

Entertaining For Malls

Providing general mall entertainment must be approached with the creative thinking cap on.

IMG_20160213_105912The target audience is diverse ; each with its own reason for being at the mall and their is also the tenants to think about.Each of the groups has to be considered when coming up with mall entertainment activities as well as focusing on the primary reason-pulling crowds to the malls.


With the current boom in shopping malls being witnessed locally ,their has been a highly competitive positioning based on who has the most unique all round entertainment ,provision of social amenities coupled with that safe relaxed ambiance & convenience.

Entertainment/marketing managers are steering away form mediocre over done concepts & searching for ideas to increase traffic towards their malls.


20151225_131306We successfully did a month long Christmas campaign at the TRM that incorporated the presence of the most Santa Claus in any  mall & even had a 20 man strong Santa Claus flash mob. This complimented their Christmas themed decor perfectly.


At lavington mall during valentines we used karaoke services to engage clients who included couples,children & even tenants took to the mic to have some fun while advertising their offers.

The 2 malls obviously vary in their positioning one being more family oriented (TRM) and the other more of a meet,socialize,dine kind of environment (Lavington Mall).


Whatever it is ,always key to factor in are clientele & tenants in a favourable mix that serves the interest of both.

Above all else the client (MALL) has to be happy and this is in what idea pulls in the no.s which makes their clients (tenants) HAPPY!



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