Comic Con in Nairobi

Comic Con in Nairobi

East Africas first Comic Con-NAICCON


Many of you know or have heard of the Comic-con ; the global event that has everyone buzzing with excitement over what to wear,which costume to step out in. It is just as popular as halloween.

Comic Con or the San Diego Comic Con as originally called was founded in 1970 as a not for profit organization by people residing in SanDiego to showcase comic books,science fiction,fanstasy ,T.V related popular arts & entertainment.

Nowadays Comic Con includes all genres of the entertainment such as horror,animation,toys & games,video games,fantasy novels. It is one of the largest conventions of its kind in the world.

It usually features movie previews,screenings of films,various exhibitons by artistsaward ceremonies,masquerade costume contests.

Closer home Birdie Mascots & Costumes was more than priviledged to be invited & hosted by East Africas first Comic Con dubbed NAICCON organized by Lulu Events as providers of costumes & related accessories.

True to the nature of Comic Con the event had various exhibitors in the entertainment & media arts showcasing their wares in artistry such as hand sketches,portraits & caricatures ,technology in gaming as well as new video games ,movie/film producers who had a screening of new action films.

The event was well attended by kids,teenagers and adults whose love for comics,T.V ,animation could not go unoticed evident from the fun,games & goofing around in costumes. Awards were also given to the best costumes.

NAICCON aims to capitalise on the popularity of action packed films,super hero characters and promises not be a one time event but a bi-annual one with lots to offer for the fans of comics.

We would like to thank Brian Barasa for the invite and look forward to the next NAICCON.



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