Brand Mascots in Social Media

Brand Mascots in Social Media

Brand Mascots contribute to a higher percentage of brand buzz on social media according to Synthesio. They boost shareability on social media pages such as face book ,twitter.

They are effective tools for social media engagement as consumers tend to prefer interaction with a character or someone/something with a personality than a faceless persona. Brand mascots encourage casual conversation whereas corporate executives wouldn’t execute this effectively.
They also soften the consumer to your message.

Brand mascots can engage fans by adopting suitable characteristics such as playful, sarcastic, witty ,funny such as twitter pages for mascots like @MrPeanut a witty nut mascot ,@Energizerbunny a sporty mascot on the go @Captainmorgan and locally our very own @Birdiemascots a delight able mascot that loves to give hugs.

Some tips for creating your brand mascot are

-create a personality for your mascot such as blatant ,witty ,funny
-make the personality interesting to suit your target audience make it memorable.

Having a Brand Mascot is like having the ultimate employee ,he or she can be moulded to your brands image to lure in consumers & create lasting connections with them. Now that is what you call a ROI.

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